John M Daskalakis

Rzes Hellenic Genealogy Research
Founder and Genealogical Researcher

John M. Daskalakis is a dedicated and intellectually curious genealogical researcher, investigator, and consultant who shares extensive knowledge and supports the global Greek community. His specialization spans the Aegean Islands of Greece and Greek American history.

Mr. Daskalakis discovered at a young age that he is related to several famous military leaders and poets from Greece, including Daskalogiannis, the Cretan leader in the Orlov Revolt (1770 - 1771), Georgios Tsontos, the Rebel leader during the Cretan Revolt (18666-1869), and the poet from Zakynthos, Dionysios Solomos. His childhood passion for history seamlessly integrated into his professional journey, leading him to specialize as a genealogist focused on Greek and Greek American history.

John is also a prospective Ph.D. student at the University of Crete-Rethymno, focusing on Contemporary Greek and European History. In addition to being an Honored Listee of the Marquis Who's Who in 2024. John's résumé includes:

Master of Science - Elementary Education, Dowling College

  • 2003-2004
  • Permanently certified teacher in the state of New York (2004)
Bachelor of Science – Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching
  • 1997-2000
Microsoft Certified Education Expert, Microsoft Corporation
  • 2019
Genealogical Research Principles, Boston University
  • January 2021 - March 2021

ProGen Study Program
  • June 2022 - December 2022
           *90% complete, had to leave for personal reasons.
Applied Genetic Genealogy, Applied Genealogy Institute
  • October 2023

Endogamy and DNA, Your DNA Guide
  • October 2023
Understanding WATO, Your DNA Guide
  • Currently Enrolled

John is the founder of the research company known as Rizes Hellenic Genealogy Research, where his Facebook and Instagram followers can see the latest additions to his Greek American history collection, such as the 1924 yearbook of Carbon County, Utah's graduating class—the same year the Castle Gate Mine disaster occurred. You can also see his current projects and the books he's writing on his LinkedIn profile for more information.


Mike Epitropoulos Senior Teaching Professor, University of Pittsburgh August 18, 2023 John Daskalakis has been a great family history and genealogical researcher with whom I have worked with online as a consultant to courses in diaspora, immigration and family history at the University of Pittsburgh. John is a very helpful and accessible resource in both getting the novice started and taking other, more advanced people to the next level. In my case, my own Greek, Dodecanese roots and my Balkan and East European teaching territories mesh well with John?s wheelhouse and that has been a blessing for the direction that I am working in. I highly recommend John Daskalakis for work and guidance in the areas of genealogical and family history research. -------------------------- Carol Kostakos Petranek (Citizen ArchivistCitizen Archivist The National Archives, Washington DC and Co-Director of the Washington DC Family History Center) October 9, 2021 "John is very active in the genealogy and historical research community. His area of expertise is Greece (Crete) and the United States. He has completed professional genealogy training and works with Greek records. His expertise has enabled him to help many people with honesty and trustworthiness.

Honored Listee in Marquis Who's Who in America Credential ID: 1e310abe8bc94402aca82f8b106fbee2d8c59bc9b805404a9103c7587f9fb4fd Unsung Heroines: Honoring Cretan Women's Contributions in World War IIUnsung Heroines: Honoring Cretan Women's Contributions in World War II Mar 2024 The American Nightmare of John Petro Forakis: Death, Bigotry, Sadness, and the Total Disregard for the Burden of Proof.The American Nightmare of John Petro Forakis: Death, Bigotry, Sadness, and the Total Disregard for the Burden of Proof. Jun 2022 - Mar 2024

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Applied Genetic Genealogy, Applied Genealogy Institute, 2023 Genealogical Research, Boston University. 2021

National Genealogical Society (NGS) Utah Genealogical Association International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) PanCretan Association of America Greek American Chamber of Commerce

Prospective Ph.D. in Contemporary Greek and European History, 2023. University of Crete - Rethymno M.S.Ed., 2004. Dowling College BAd.Ed., 1997. St. Joseph's University